Motion iRacing Package - 4 Actuator System

Sim Seats D-BOX motion iRacing package
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Take the most accurate motion system on the market.  Add in one complete Legend iRacing package.  Now you've got it all.


There are three critical physical elements to racing: Sight, sound, and feel.  Close the gap in your simulation system with the most accurate and reliable motion system available today. We've partnered with D-BOX Technologies to create a compact motion platform specifically designed for the SR-X but capable of supporting many other driving simulators. 


Why we're so into motion

We've always pushed the limit with our systems using triple screen displays, 5.1 surround sound systems, and the latest in simulation controls that provide a realistic training platform for the next event. Precise motion and vibration are the next levels of simulation experience that are critical to maintain a competitive edge in both the real world and the simulation world. D-BOX Technology will stimulate your kinesthetic sense to mimic a real driving experience and generate physical cues that are critical to simulation, replacing the missing element.

Track surface texture, bumps, and conditions as well as vehicle handling are essential in improving a driver’s preparedness. Getting ready for a race and having the opportunity to virtually rehearse a track is a key competitive advantage. The total immersion experience in training translates into fractions of second enhancements and improvements that will help drivers to get closer to the pole position.  This competitive advantage is so apparent, we've been dubbed by professional drivers as the best kept secret in racing.


Solid Construction

D-BOX has provided reliable products to the motion industry for over 10 years.  Years of worry free, no maintenance, reliable operation goes without saying (and the warranty to boot).  And the Sim Seats integration provides nothing but the best: a strong 1 3/4" steel tube chassis, powder coated finish, all grade 8 zinc yellow-chromate fasteners and locking nuts to keep the hardware in place.  Electronics are mounted under the chassis with wiring solutions to keep all data and power consolidated and clean.  Go ahead, run it hard, this system won't let you down.


Ready To Race

Simply mount the actuators, download the D-BOX software, plug in the USB motion controller, and start racing.  The motion platform comes 99% assembled, requiring only the actuators to be bolted to their respective corners.  The D-BOX Motion Controller software and Game Center software make installation and setup a breeze.  You'll be moving (literally) in 15 minutes or less (seriously).  No special power requirements, no special cables needed.  This is the easiest motion system install you'll find!


Controls At Your Fingertips

The D-BOX Game Center allows for precise adjustment of the motion system.  Fore/aft, left/right, heave, engine vibration, and skid vibration can all be fine tuned for iRacing.  Make multiple profiles and fine tune each setting depending on the car.



Professional installation

Use Sim Seats for your installation and leave it to the professionals.  Our seasoned staff will have you up and running and system tuned for your exact needs in no time.  Both home and business installation service is available.  As needed, we operate under NDAs for professional drivers and race teams where privacy or secrecy for competitive advantage is a concern.  Contact us for more information.


MP-33 Features

Steel tube construction

Powder coated chassis

Fabric covered floor board

D-BOX 4250i actuators (120v)

D-BOX KAI-1 USB motion controller

Grade 8 zinc yellow-chromate hardware

Bottom mounted control modules

Mounting clamps for SR-X chassis


**Extreme PC pack recommended for VR configurations**


- Turn-key PC - Let the pros at Sim Seats fire up your PC, complete Windows registration and updates, pre-load iRacing and complete downloads, and install required drivers for your equipment.

Ship assembled - Let the pros at Sim Seats perform major assembly to the chassis and monitor stand plus turn-key load the PC.  Minimize setup time at home, maximize racing time!  Some minor assembly still required.  Simulator must ship truck freight.  Additional freight charges added at time of shipment.

PLUS!  Don't forget to ask about in-home installation.  We can perform professional installations anywhere in the USA, commercial or residential.




For more information on the system, build times, and payment options please contact us at

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