D-BOX 2250i motion system MP33-2, 2-axis motion platform

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Price $10,750.00

Use D-BOX, the most accurate motion system available, on your motion simulator build!  Each actuator provides 1.5" of travel, both motion and vibration from this system.  No need for multiple buttkickers or complicated amplifier setups.  Engine idle, engine revving, bumps on the track, rumbles strips, and more are acurately reproduced in both motion and vibration.  Does not include driving simulator, monitor stand, etc.


Solid Construction

D-BOX has provided reliable products to the motion industry for over 10 years.  Years of worry free, no maintenance, quiet and reliable operation goes without saying (and the warranty to boot).  And the Sim Seats integration provides nothing but the best: a strong 1 3/4" steel tube chassis, powder coated finish, all grade 8 zinc yellow-chromate fasteners and locking nuts to keep the hardware in place.  Electronics are mounted under the chassis with wiring solutions to keep all data and power consolidated and clean.  Go ahead, run it hard, this system won't let you down.


Ready To Race

Simply mount the actuators, download the D-BOX software, plug in the USB motion controller, and start racing!  The motion platform comes 99% assembled, requiring only the actuators to be bolted to their respective corners.  The D-BOX Motion Controller software and Game Center software make installation and setup a breeze.  You'll be moving (literally) in 5 minutes or less (seriously).  No special power requirements, no special cables needed.  This is the easiest motion system install you'll find!


Controls At Your Fingertips

The D-BOX Game Center allows for precise adjustment of the motion system.  Fore/aft, left/right, engine vibration, and skid vibration can all be fine tuned for iRacing.  Make multiple profiles and fine tune each setting depending on the car.


MP33-2 Features

Steel tube construction

Powder coated chassis

Fabric covered floor board

D-BOX 2250i actuators (120v)

D-BOX KAI-1 USB motion controller

Grade 8 zinc yellow-chromate hardware

Bottom mounted control module

Mounting clamps for SR-X chassis

Ships 99% assembled for quick installation

Carbon fiber corner covers


This platform kit includes two D-BOX 250i actuators (250 lbs max capacity each) mounted to the Sim Seats motion platform, power cable, aluminum floor cups, mounting hardware, one actuator control module, and one USB motion controller.  Easy to wire up and D-BOX software installation is a breeze, slide this platform under your SR-X or other simulator and you'll be moving (literally) in no time (seriously). 


The two actuator system incorporates a front pivot point.  Fore/aft, left/right, and vibration are possible with two rear actuators and the front pivot point.  For the most accurate and greatest magnitude choose the four actuator platform.


Does not include driving simulator, monitor stand, etc.


3" and 6" inch systems also available.  Please contact us for pricing.

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