Wire Control Kit

Wire control kit for driving simulator cable management
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These days, with triple screen setups, power cable and video cable for each monitor, power and USB for each device (wheel, pedals, shifter, tablets, PC, etc), surround sound cables, and more, it is absolutely necessary to have a wire control kit to keep these wires neat and tidy.  Not only will it look like a professional setup, it will keep you from catching and pulling out wires from your devices.


Kits come with a full roll of 25 velcro straps, enought to secure the cables, wires, and power cords for an entire iRacing package.


So how many wires does a complete simulator have?  Just for fun, here is a tally:

Triple monitors: 3 power and 3 DVI = 6 cables

Wheel and pedals: 1 power, 1 pedal-wheel, 1 USB = 3 cables

Shifter: 1 USB = 1 cable

Surround sound: 5 channels, 1 power, 1 sub, 3 PC input: 10 cables

Buttkicker: 1 power, 2 inputs = 3 cables

Button box: 1 USB = 1 cable

PC: 1 power = 1 cable


That's 25 cables, assuming you have wireless keyboard and mouse.  Yikes!

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