Tilton pedals with SR-X pedal attachment

Tilton pedals with SR-X pedal attachment
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Price $1,750.00

Professional level pedals for the SR-X driving simulator, installed on a custom pedal attachment and ready to simply slide into place.  These are REAL Tilton pedals built by RicmoTech with hydraulic brakes, custom designed throttle spring, and custom designed clutch spring to best simulate a clutch pressure plate.  No doubt, the best pedals available on the market.


Throttle pedal:

The Tilton 600’s throttle pedal already houses a factory fitted throttle return spring, however in the interests of immersion, it is re-machined in this area. Adding an additional spring which affords a more accurate feeling and eliminates overly stiff pedal travel. This extra spring allows for the finesses required when modulating the throttle under all driving conditions. Dependant upon driving style, the adjustable throw, idle and full-throttle stops, as well as the electronics are all designed to take full advantage of the available pedal travel. Additionally, the throttle pedal actuates a ‘’Honeywell’’ industrial strength hall sensor, which has a lifetime cycle rating for trouble-free operation.

Brake pedal:

Braking in a race car requires a large amount of force to effectively slow a car for a corner. To this end, we have opted to offer the GTpro3 Xtreme pedals with three load ranges centered at 45kg (100lbs), 80kg (175 lbs) and 160kg (350 lbs) which can be infinitely dialed in for stiffness and travel. User interchangeable resistance modules on the slave cylinder assembly enable the user to tailor the feel of the brake pedal. This adjustability can replicate anything from a high performance street car to an F1 car. Operated by hydraulic fluid, the master cylinder interacts with the uniquely modified slave cylinder which has been fitted with an all stainless steel pressure sensor, ultimately transmitting this information to the ECU for further processing.

Clutch pedal:

The GTpro3 Xtreme’s clutch uses diaphragm springs similar to a clutch pressure plate with high initial effort, while reducing the force required as the spring is flattened. Depressing the clutch pedal actuates a pneumatic master cylinder, which utilises a pressure sensor, rather than a position sensor to uniquely determine clutch engagement the way a real hydraulic clutch system operates. This is the most realistic sensation of a race car clutch pedal providing the correct feedback to nail every shift . . . every time!


  • Based on Titlon 600 Series Floor Mounted Pedals
  • All Metal Construction
  • Magnetic Hall Effect Sensor on Throttle Pedal for Accurate Position Readings
  • Real Hydraulic Master Cylinder on Brake and Clutch
  • Real Racing Clutch Feedback
  • Pressure Sensor on Master Cylinders Reads Pedal Force
  • Adjustable Pedal Positions
  • Micro-controller based ECU
  • Up To 15,000 Pedal Reads per Second
  • Up To 1,000 Pedal Updates per Second (PC Limitation)
  • Fast and Smooth Pedal Response
  • Only Updates PC as Necessary to Conserve Bandwidth
  • Adjustable Dead Zones for All Pedals
  • Selectable Linearity Curves for All Pedals
  • Can Disable Clutch to Optimise Processing
  • Stores Five Profiles in Internal EEPROM
  • All Settings Stored In Black Box EEPROM
  • Powered by USB
  • For PC only
  • Compatible with Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Simple Installation
  • Honeywell Hall Sensor With Unlimited Life-Cycle
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