SR-X Driving Simulator

SR-X Driving Simulator
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  • Item #: SS-20-SRX

Strength.  Stability.  Durability.  We've heard it all.  And after years in the marketplace, the SR-X is a proven winner.

Side post construction allows full leg motion without interuption, making your driving experience one step closer to the real thing.  But centerpost delete isn't the only plus with the SR-X.  You'll enjoy massive adjustability, more steering wheel stability, and a 20" wide tilt adjustable steering wheel platform that works with all wheel types and allows room for a shifter.  Also, the SR-X is ready for our line-up of accessories.  Check out the accessories section of the store for more info.


- Side post design

- Strong, stable, steel tube frame design

- Durable powder coat finish

- Comfortable seat with color options

- Extremely adjustable for all sizes and driving styles

- Pro Shift kit ready - Fanatec, Logitech, Thrustmaster TH8, Sim Gear Lighting SST, DSD sequential

- Tilt adjustable steering

- Custom frame colors

- Made in the USA.


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SR-X shown features optional Logitech G27 inverted pedal attachment, optional shifter kit.  Monitor mount, keyboard tray, PC, surround sound system, wheel and pedals are shown for demonstration only and must be purchased separately.

All Sim Seats products are made to order.  Please allow 5-10 business days for fabrication!

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