Project "Ron Burgundy" Custom Driving Simulator

Custom build driving simulator
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  • Item #: SS-10-CRB
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Price $849.99

A one-off Sim Seat build!  We combined some of our latest ideas into this build: two-stage powder coat, integrated front speaker mounts, offset shifter mount, offset steering uprights, 1 1/2" square tubing, a totally new base frame design with sliding rails for all forward mounted components, and an extra wide frame for more legroom.


We love this frame and we love the color "Dormant Burgundy", which makes us think of Anchor Man.  We have therefore affectionately dubbed this build "Project Ron Burgundy".



- 1 1/2" square tube design

- Durable "Dormant Burgundy" two stage powder coat finish

- Comfortable seat with color options

- Extremely adjustable for all sizes and driving styles

- Integrated front left/right speaker mounts

- Offset shifter mount

- Tilt adjustable steering

- Bass shaker plate

- Extra wide frame design

- Unique base frame design

- Logitech G27/G29 ready

- Made in the USA.


Electronics are shown for demonstration only and must be purchased separately.

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