PosiLock Tilt SR-X Wheel Deck

Adjustable tilt steering wheel for the Sim Seats SR-X driving simulator
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  • Item #: SS-20-PLTWD
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Price $189.99

Upgraded wheel attachment - secure tilt and easy adjustment


Upgrade your fixed wheel platform or standard tilt wheel to the PosiLock tilt adjustable attachment!  With the SR-X PosiLock wheel deck upgrade, tilt adjustment is infinite and tools are only required for initial setup*.  Tilt adjustment can be made on the fly, and the locking bolt will keep it from slipping out of place.  Fits all SR-X frames and is pre-drilled for any of the SR-X accessories (button box mount, surround sound mounts, accessory bar) and pre-drilled for G27, Fanatec, and T500 wheels.


This kit comes with:

- New wheel deck

- Two rear sliders

- One locking bar slider

- Parallel locking bar with rosette style locking knob

- All necessary installation hardware



*Requires drilling of one 3/8" diameter hole in the steering wheel support gusset bar



You will need a 9/16" wrench or socket to initially set the locking nuts.  Adjustments on the fly can be made without tools.  Attachments come black powder coat or any custom color you choose.  All Sim Seats products are made to order.  Please allow 5-10 business days for fabrication!


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