Custom Built Racing PC

Custom Built Racing PC

Powerfull Velocity Micro PC designed for iRacing, rFactor, Sim Bin, any PC racing game.

  • Price: $1,399.99

D-BOX 2250i motion system MP33-2, 2-axis motion platform

D-BOX driving simulator Motion flight simulator Motion driving simulator 6DOF kit Sim Seats motion platform Playseats motion Motion simulator rental how to build a motion simulator D-BOX technologies

D-BOX 2 actuator, 2-axis motion platform

  • Price: $7,750.00

D-BOX 3250i motion system MP33-3, 3 actuator, 3-axis

D-BOX actuators motion system motion driving simulator motion flight simulator 6dof DIY motion how to build a motion simulator

D-BOX 3 actuator, 3-axis motion platform

  • Price: $10,500.00

D-BOX 4250i motion system MP33-4, 4 actuator, 3-axis

D-BOX actuators

D-BOX 4 actuator, 3-axis motion DIY kit

  • Price: $14,500.00

Buttkicker Mount

Buttkicker mount mini-LFE mini BM-mini-CT

Mounting solution for the mini-LFE and mini-CT

  • Price: $24.99

Buttkicker, bass shaker mounting plate

Buttkicker aura bass shaker mount lfe

The solution to mounting your Buttkicker, Aura, or other bass shaker in the optimal position is here!

  • Price: $99.99

SR-X Universal Speaker Mounts

SR-X Universal Speaker Mounts

5.1 compatible speaker mount system

  • Price: $49.99

Wire Control Kit

Wire control kit for driving simulator cable management

Keep those damn wires out of the way!

  • Price: $9.99