D-BOX 4250i system - 4 actuator, 3-axis DIY kit

D-BOX actuators
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Use D-BOX, the most accurate motion system available, on your motion simulator build!  Each actuator provides 1.5" of travel, both motion and vibration from this system.  No need for multiple buttkickers or complicated amplifier setups.  Engine idle, engine revving, bumps on the track, rumbles strips, and more are acurately reproduced in both motion and vibration.


This DIY kit includes four D-BOX 250i actuators (250 lbs max capacity each), mounting brackets, power cable, aluminum floor cups, mounting hardware, one actuator control module, and one USB motion controller.  Easy to wire up and D-BOX software installation is a breeze, mount these actuators and you'll be moving in no time. 


Fore/aft, left/right, up/down, and vibration are possible with two rear actuators and a two front mounted actuators.  This is the most accurate and greatest magnitude actuator kit.


This is a DIY kit only, customer is reponsible for proper installation and to ensure weight limits are not exceeded.


3" and 6" inch systems also available.  Please contact us for pricing.

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