Custom Triple monitor stand - Simxperience compatible

Triple monitor mount for iRacing, triple 27" monitors
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Customize standalone monitor mount built to suit the SimXperience driving rig.  Click on the drawing provided in the images above for reference.  In this drawing, the standard monitor mount dimensions are noted in parenthesis. 


"DIM A" inside leg width - 46")  This is the clear dimension inside the monitor mount legs, the overall dimension of the stand will be about 2" wider.  We suggest measuring your rig or seat and allow for an extra 1" of clearance on each side.  For example: a home made rig measuring 24" wide will best match up to a "DIM A" of 26" (24" clearance needed + 1" extra right side + 1" extra left side = 26").


"DIM B" leg height - 32":  This dimension will determine the distance from the floor to the bottom of the cross bar at the minimum setting.  There is an additional 9" of height adjustment, so you may want to choose a dimension somewhere in the middle of your ideal setting so you have room for up or down adjustments.  For example, if you want your cross bar to be no lower than 22" from the floor, "DIM B" will be 22".  If you would like to allow for some wiggle room, choose "DIM B" of 18" (22" - 4"), and you'll have 4" down and 5" up adjustment (total of 9") from your ideal setting.  Note that this dimension will affect the monitor height depending on how you set up "DIM C".


"DIM C" monitor mount position - 11.5":  This dimension determines the center point of your monitors.  It is measured from the bottom of the cross bar to the center of the monitor.  You can modify this dimension to have the bottom of your monitor line up directly with the cross bar, usually by shortening the height by a couple inches depending on your monitor size.  If you do change this dimension, it is best to verify there will be no clearance problems with video and power plugs on the rear of the monitor.


Overall monitor height: Add "DIM B" to "DIM C" and you get the overall monitor height to center, at it's lowest setting.  There is an additional 9" of height adjustment by raising the cross bar/monitor mount assembly from the legs.


This monitor mount will support up to three 27" monitors.  Height adjustment will put your monitors at the perfect eye level.  And since this monitor stand is independent of the rig, vibration will not transmit to your monitors.  No wobble, ultra clear picture.


VESA Mounts - The standard VESA screw pattern is 100x100mm (3.94"x3.94") for Sim Seats monitor mounts.  This is the most typical size.  You will find this pattern in almost all new 22"-27" monitors.

If you have a special or non-standard bolt pattern, please select the "Special Monitor Mount Pattern" option.  Not sure?  Select the dual 100x100 and 75x75 and this will work on all VESA compatible monitors!




All Sim Seats products are made to order. Please allow 5-10 business days for fabrication.

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